Products and Innovation

At Bombardier, innovation is at our core.

On the ground and in the air, our products provide customers with world-class transportation experiences that break barriers in energy efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort.


– received first and only Environmental Product Declaration in the aerospace industry


MOVIA C30 Metro – received GOOD DESIGN® Award for incorporating Scandinavian design elements

Bombardier U.S. Business Aircraft Service Centres – earned U.S. Federal Aviation Administration 2016 Aviation Maintenance Technician Diamond Award of Excellence

Queensland's New Generation Rolling Stock Automated Coupler Cover – recognized for engineering excellence at Society of Automated Engineers – Australasia Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards

Every Bombardier product – from the C Series family of aircraft to the TALENT 3 Electrical Multiple Unit platform – goes through our Product Innovation Lifecycle. This five-step process ensures we are innovating at every stage, which allows us to exceed customer expectations and produce the most sustainable and high-performing mobility solutions.



We closely engage with our customers during the design phase to understand their priorities and build products that address them. At the core of our Product Innovation Lifecycle lie two key approaches: EcoDesign and Design for Safety (DfS). By considering environmental and safety factors at the outset, we can identify innovative design solutions to challenges that may arise at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Approximately 80% of the environmental impact of both rail vehicles and aircraft is determined at the design stage, so our EcoDesign approach is a keystone of our product development.
Our EcoDesign approach consists of the following elements:

  • Applying a lifecycle perspective
  • Maximizing recyclability and recoverability
  • Managing and eliminating hazardous substances
  • Investing in technologies
  • Involving suppliers

Design for Safety
The DfS approach guides us in evaluating and addressing the safety of our products. For example, our Design Guideline for Interior Passenger Safety ensures that all of our passenger rail vehicles offer optimal crash safety and applies the latest knowledge and technology in passenger injury, trajectories and impact characteristics.

Our suppliers are critical as we bring each innovation to life. When considering suppliers, we apply a rigorous selection process to identify and source the best materials and technologies for each product. We also continue to lead the development of industry-wide standards for responsible sourcing and reporting.
We apply rigorous product testing prior to entry-into-service to make sure our products perform as designed and adhere to all compliance regulations, such as the required extended test program for a clean sheet design, like the C Series aircraft and Global 7000 aircraft.
We work with customers to ensure safe usability of our products. We are also broadening our aftermarket services globally to provide more hands-on support to customers. For our C Series aircraft, we are establishing a program to reduce maintenance tasks and provide operators with an optimal program tailored to their needs. We aim to produce Environmental Product Declarations for every new product by 2020.
Our aim is for all new products to be 100% recoverable by 2025. We are working with industry organizations and our suppliers to increasingly use recoverable resources and materials that are easier to separate and disassemble for a second life.